Monday, October 16, 2006

Pakus enjoy a little relaxation every now and then.

I am sure you have been wondering what Pakus do in Costa Rica when they are not braving the treacherous roadways. Paku had just finished a 10 week investment banking summer internship so he was very much in need of some rest and relaxation. Because of this and the wretched condition of the roads, Paku decided on a modest agenda for his week in Costa Rica.

First, he visited Costa Rica's most active volcano in Arenal. Unfortunately for Paku, because he visited in the rainy season the top of the cone of the volcano was often obscured by fog and clouds. Happily, on his last night in Arenal (at the wonderful Arenal Volcano Inn) the sky cleared up and he saw some molten lava flowing out of the volcano. While he was in Arenal he also visited the rain forest via hanging bridges where his industrial strength mosquito repellent came in very handy. He also spent a day getting spa treatments and soaking in the magma heated hot springs at the Tabacon resort. Paku recommends this activity especially highly.

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C said...

Paku's pores look really tight in that top photo-- his spa treatment really paid off!