Sunday, July 08, 2007

My Goodness, My Guinness

When the temperature soars into the upper 90s*, Paku and friend know to repair to the dark and cool confines of their favorite Irish pub in order to imbibe a few pints of Guinness Stout so as to restore their constitutions as well as overall demeanor.
Paku has long attempted to cultivate an appreciation for Scotch, but that quest so far remains unsuccessful. Given his enjoyment of the complexity and variety of flavors that are embodied by his favorite bamboo, its no real surprise that he would be unable to embrace a beverage which is often described as "peaty."

Pakus hoisted a few pints in order to congratulate one another on recent academic successes and achievements. The evening wore on and more pints were enjoyed, but Paku noticed that his photos of the later part of the night were strangely out of focus and ill-framed, not to mention difficult to appreciate the next day with a raging headache and queasy tummy.

*Upper 90s Fahrenheit that is. Paku has had to force himself to learn this archaic system of English measurement during his residence in the states. For those who adhere to the more rational metric system, this translates to the upper 30s Celsius

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