Thursday, January 03, 2008

Paku is of the opinion that January is not the optimal time to visit Amsterdam

Paku celebrated the new year with a quick and unexpected trip to Amsterdam. Paku found Amsterdam to be bitterly cold, dark pretty much all day and surprisingly crowded with tourists given the aforementioned coldness and darkness.

With very little time and insufficient cold weather wear, Paku had to make the most of the brief amount of time he was able to spend out of doors in Amsterdam. Paku learned that the most of the collection at the Van Gogh Museum can never leave Holland so this was perhaps Paku's only opportunity to see the Van Gogh paintings. Paku stood outside in line for what seemed like ever waiting to get in. The wait was made all the more unpleasant by the fact that everyone around him in line was smoking. Paku really doesn't care for smoking.

Paku enjoyed the museum very much and recommends it highly to anyone visiting in the area. He also recommends getting their early in the day to avoid the large crowds which make viewing the paintings difficult.


Flying Dutchman said...

Does Paku enjoy the tulips for eating? Are they better than bamboo? What are Paku's feelings on Dutch chocolate?

E said...

Paku had a bamboo croquette and like everything else he ate in Amsterdam, it was terrible. Paku had not considered trying a tulip dish, but at least now he has something to look forward to on his next trip; that and the chocolate.