Monday, March 24, 2008

Paku's exhaustive search for missing luggage ultimately in vain

Paku commemorated the recent long Easter weekend with a return trip to Amsterdam. Despite cold and wet weather conditions throughout the weekend, he had a thoroughly good time. By Sunday he was looking forward to an uneventful and relaxing return journey back to New York.

Unbeknown to Paku, while he was settling into his comfortable seat on KLM, his luggage's stay in the Netherlands was being involuntarily extended.

Upon his arrival back in New York, Paku quickly cleared immigration. He then began his vigil at baggage carousel #7. When it became painfully apparent that Paku's bag would never tumble down the carousel #7 conveyor belt, Paku took up the search for his missing bag in earnest.
Paku thought that perhaps his bag had fallen out of the plane when they opened up the cargo area to unload it. Despite a thorough inspection of the outside of the plane, Paku's luggage remained unfound.

Pointlessly, Paku sought the assistant of a KLM representative. As a result of that encounter, Paku has decided that he will never again seek the assistance of a KLM representative.

The exact location of Paku's luggage and the timing of its return to the United States remains a mystery more than 24 hours after Paku's arrival back in New York.

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