Thursday, April 23, 2009

Paku seeks relaxing island vacation; finds self in Iceland

Following a long, cold, snowy winter, Paku resolved to take a well deserved vacation at a tropical island paradise. Apparently Paku failed to clearly articulate his precise requirements to his travel agent and as a result found himself in Iceland.

While technically within his stated island specifications, Iceland was not exactly what he had in mind. In fact Iceland is more or less exactly the opposite of what he had in mind. However, Paku is all for making lemons into leomonade and made the best of the highly unexpected situation.

Rather inconveniently, Paku had packed little more than his swimming outfit. Fortunately for him it turns out that the Icelandic landscape is dotted with lava encased geothermically heated pools of hot water. Even more fortunately for Paku, the Blue Lagoon is in close proximity to the airport. After a long soak Paku was prepared to face the new reality of his vacation that unexpectedly included glaciers instead of palm trees.

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