Sunday, November 22, 2009

Paku in Swazi

Paku recently had the opportunity to travel to the Kingdom of Swaziland. After a harrowing drive through the South African province of Mpumalanga, where a dense fog settled across the road and Paku could barely distinguish his mitten-covered paw in front of his face, he arrived at Mlilwane lodge under the cover of nightfall.
The kind ranger toting a gun meant for stunning any wandering Hippos led Paku to his accommodations for the evening. Exhausted from the drive, he dropped off to sleep almost immediately. Only the next morning did Paku discover he was staying in a traditional Swazi beehive hut!!! Although his night had been spent pleasantly in this woven shelter, Paku dreaded discovering the giant sized bee that must also share his temporary lodgings with him! Frightened, he fled for the markets of the Malkerns and Ezulwini valley. There Paku found no shortage of woven goods, handblown glass and unique candles for purchase. After lightening his wallet of a few Lilangeni, Paku attempted an innocuous quick trip through the South African/Swazi border. Unfortunately, due to Paku's extensive purchases, he was detained at the border until his various tariffs and bribes could be sorted out.

All in all, Paku recommends Swazi for a long weekend from Joburg, but warns to bring an EpiPen in order to guard against a fatal sting from the giant though reclusive Swazi bee.

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パンダ said...

Paku's in Africa~~~This is wonderful!!!

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