Monday, May 21, 2007

Paku to rejoin the workforce

Congtratulations Paku!

After two long years of a modest amount of effort, Paku has graduated from Wharton business school with an MBA.

Paku is now faced with the daunting prospect of rejoining the full-time workforce. And while this is indeed a horrifying prospect, of more immediate concern is Paku's impending move to New York, which is just over a week away.

Paku has found relatively little to recommend about Philadelphia but there is not doubt that it is significantly less expensive than New York City. As a result, Paku is moving from relatively spacious two bedroom, split level apartment in South Philly to a small windowless closet in Lower Manhattan.

But even with all he has to do, Paku can't help but take a few moments to reflect on his b-school experience. It's hard for Paku to believe that it has been nearly two years since he walked through the front door at the Wharton School to start pre-term.

Sometimes during his time at Wharton Paku would attend classes during which he occasionally stayed awake / learned something. Paku is still trying to comprehend the relevance to him of a detailed understanding of the process for moving cranberries from bog to bottle but he remains optimistic that it will become clear in time.

Two controversies dominated the hallways during Paku's tenure at Wharton. The grade nondisclosure issue has been well covered elsewhere so Paku will refrain from a lengthy discussion on that topic here. Of more relevance to Paku on a day-to-day basis was the Au Bon Pain monopoly on the Wharton campus. Paku appreciates the convenience of not having to leave the building for a snack (especially in the rain) but he really doesn't appreciate paying $6 for a soda and chocolate croissant. What happened to free market competition?

But Paku digresses...

We managed to capture a few more of Paku's final moments at Wharton.


nobo said...

Congtratulations! Paku kun. Please let us know about the cranberries business when you find out...

I gather you are going to New York. I thought you were Red Sox fan like me. Are you going there because Red Sox now have Dice-K and you do not want all those media frenzy?

Well, joining the workforce is not that hard(hehe)! you got to do what you got to do, that's it. OK. Take care.

HelenF said...

I am very impressed that Paku survived the graduation ceremony without getting sunburnt. I was not so lucky.