Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sausage links and.....other links (in which Paku is downright humiliated)

Wary from his last "culinary" experience in Philadelphia, Paku was assured that he could enjoy a delicious and hearty breakfast at the Melrose Diner. His dining companions urged him to fill up, as they had a surprise planned for him later in the day, which they assured him would require some energy!
Wondering what lay ahead of him, Paku bellied up to the counter at the Melrose and found himself in the company of several wizened residents of Philadelphia. He ordered 2 eggs over easy with pork sausage and a side of bamboo. The waitress behind the counter thought she had heard everything!!! She informed Paku in the kind but terse way that is characteristic of this city's denizens that if Paku wanted a side of bamboo he was going to have to try his luck at a different establishment.

Thus rebuffed, Paku declined to change venues, and found that although his meal wasn't his first choice, it was a delicious enough substitute.

After breakfast, Paku and pals piled into the Honda Accord and sped off for locales unknown (to Paku, at least). In order to build suspense, Paku's human pals kept offering him hints as to the activity of the day.

"How far is it?" asked Paku, innocently.

"Oh, its a long drive!" said his human companion, mysteriously.

"Are we going to the beach? Are we going fishing?" queried Paku.

"Nooo...but it does involve hooks!" replied the driver of the Accord.

"Is this something I've done before?" wondered Paku.

"Don't worry, we think this will fit you to a tee!" said the rather quizzical companion in the passenger seat.

Paku's interest was piqued, but he also felt an uneasy sense of impending doom as the Accord sped towards the mysterious destination.

Paku would really rather not talk about how the day turned out.

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