Thursday, March 09, 2006

Paku's Summer Job

E's Paku is pretty stoked about his summer job at Credit Suisse in NYC. Here, he realizes with growing excitement that they also have offices in Tokyo -- maybe after he proves his worth in the US, he'll be able to return to a job in Japan!


E said...

Let's have this be the last time the word "stoked" is used on this blog.

KT said...

I cannot acquiesce, E. This particular phrasing came from a telephone interview with your paku. As it is "straight from paku's mouth," as it were, I don't feel I have the authority to reword his feelings. You will have to speak with him about your objections.

C said...

KT I am moved by your journalistic integrity. As always, you hold yourself to a higher standard than any other. Bravo