Sunday, November 26, 2006

Paku recovers from Thanksgiving 2006; looks forward to Thanksgiving 2007

This Monday finds Paku slowly recovering from his first Thanksgiving in his newly adopted country. Along with his first Thanksgiving meal, Paku also discovered a novel mechanism for dispensing wine: a box and spigot.

Paku has always found the traditional bottle sealed with cork to be inefficient. First there is not sufficient wine in it for Paku and second it can be difficult to gain access to the contents. Purchasing larger bottles proved to be only a partial solution. The cork still gets in Paku's way!

As you can see, however, Paku was not deterred by the presence of corks or bottles on Thanksgiving; hence the need for a short recovery period.

Paku had so much fun over the weekend he is already dreaming about his second Thanksgiving next year.

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