Thursday, February 15, 2007

Paku in Peru

Paku visited Lima for the first time just after Thanksgiving, and happily basked in summer for the entire month of December. When Mom cruelly insisted on leaving Peru for the bitter cold of barren Wisconsin just before Christmas, Paku put his foot down and refused to return. Grandma was very, very displeased with Paku's decision, but was unable to guilt him into leaving South America. He made friends with a black labrador, and shared his apartment until Mom's return in mid-January. Who knows what he got up to when she was back in the States...when the cat is away, the mice will play!
You can see why Paku was so resolute; here he is happily sunning himself (as he did nearly every day) on a balcony overlooking the lovely Parque El Olivar (the park of olives, though Paku was never able to actually find an olive anywhere in the park). It is perhaps a bit surprising that Paku remains so pristinely white after so much sunning, but this was taken on one of his first days; so we shall see how well the delicate Paku complexion stands up over time to the intense Peruvian sun.....

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