Sunday, February 11, 2007

Paku indulges in frivilous fantasies involving automobile ownership

Paku attended the Philadelphia International Auto Show this weekend at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Paku has yet to come fully to terms with the fact that when he takes up residence in New York City in four months it will no longer be practical for him to own his beloved Honda Accord, let alone get himself a new car.

Naturally the first stop at the auto show for Paku, whose early life story was recently dramatized in the motion picture "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift", was at the Tuner Salon where the generous people of Scion issued Paku a new Scion baseball cap.

Paku very much admired this tuned up Scion xC, however, he found it to be insufficiently orange in color with much, much too subtle rear fins.

After reflecting for a few moments on the street racing of his youth, Paku contemplated a future as a family Paku and tried on a minivan and a few SUVs for size.

Quickly abandoning thoughts of a lifestyle requiring a vehicle with more than two doors, Paku found some cars that are more in keeping with his image.

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