Monday, February 05, 2007

Pakus Discover Further Evidence Extinct Giants Once Roamed the World (or Part III: In Which Pakus' Philadelphia Adventure Continues...)

Our intrepid Pakus were strolling past the Municipal Services building during their tour of Philly (Philly Paku was taking Baltimore Paku to show him who is responsible for his weekly bamboo delivery), when they came upon a rather stunning archaeological find, oddly hidden in plain sight. Scattered throughout the plaza were game pieces, obviously relics of some former Brobdignagian race of giants who once roamed the earth. Shown at the left was the first game piece they came upon, from the game Sorry. Paku had to employ the assistance of a passerby to hoist him ontop of this massive game piece. Paku was astounded that since this game is meant for children as young as six, the implication for the size of this former giant race was mind-blowing.

Intrigued, they explored the plaza further, eventually unearthing two game pieces from the classic board game Monopoly. Both Pakus couldn't stop themselves from hopping up into the wheel barrow to pose! Philly Paku had no sooner suggested a game between the two pandas than Baltimore Paku put the kaibash on it. Never play Monopoly with someone in business school (its not that they'll win, but they'll spend the whole game lecturing at you!).

Pakus felt that this race of giants likely had inferior intellect to the man that walks the earth today, who in turn has a subpar intelligence when compared to the Giant Panda. They also theorized that the giants were probably driven into extinction by battles and wrestling matches between sibling giants over who got to be the car piece in Monopoly. Either that or they went for a walk and accidentally all fell into the Grand Canyon.

Lastly, the Pakus happened upon a few remaining pieces from what must have been the giants chess set. Amazed as they were that these giants could have had the intellect for this game of kings, the Pakus were rather overwhelmed by the rudeness of a passerby whom they enlisted to take a photo of Paku with the knight game piece.

Needless to say this "whimsical" posing was not appreciated by either Paku.

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