Saturday, January 06, 2007

Paku visits the greatest city on Earth

According to Paku, the best thing to happen to San Francisco since the Gold Rush is the BART extension to San Francisco International Airport. It had been quite some time since Paku's last visit to San Francisco so he had to consult the route map to find his stop.

While in San Francisco, Paku stayed in the David Choe room at the Hotel Des Arts.

In addition to elaborately decorated walls, Paku's room featured one of the most annoying aspects of apartment life for many San Francisco residents: a sink with separate hot and cold water taps requiring the user to mix the scalding hot water coming out of one tap and the cold water coming out of the other tap in the basin. Like the British, for reasons not readily apparent to Paku, San Franciscans cling to this antiquated method of household water distributuion. Paku speculates that the people responsible for this sink design are on crack.

Unfortunately for Paku it rained most of the weekend he was in San Francisco, but he did manage to spend a little time outside enjoying the beautiful scenery. At one time in his life, Paku had a nice office with a view very similar to the one he is admiring here. Unfortunatley for Paku, it has been all down hill since then and he is on his way to a windowless cubicle after he graduates from business school.

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C said...

I am pleased to see a photo of Paku enjoying the magical creature we call the unicorn.